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Chocolate Strawberry Roses

For my sister-in-law’s strawberry garden themed bridal shower, one of the desserts we made were chocolate covered strawberries. I originally came across this idea from, and  loved them — they serve as both a tasty dessert and lovely decorative piece!   You will need: Dowels (I covered these with floral tape) Leaves from fake flowers…
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25th October 2016 0

Making Modelling Chocolate!

I have always wanted to use modelling chocolate to make cake decorations. It’s so much easier to blend than fondant, it’s smooth and unlike fondant, it actually tastes good! I also find it easier to make fondant figures out of modelling chocolate because it doesn’t crack or form elephant skin, and blending the seams with it is so much easier!

25th October 2016 0

Jungle Birthday Cake

I made this jungle cake for both of my sons’ shared birthday party. As usual it was very difficult for me to make this cake as the children did not let me work on it during the day,  I stayed up many  nights often questioning my sanity. Whyyyy on earth would I put myself through all this…
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27th October 2014 1

Mother's Day Cupcake Bouquet

Mother’s Day in America is coming up in May…and anyway Mother’s Day should be everyday! I thought I’d have a go at making a  cupcake bouquet. Here is how I made it. equipment needed: Cupcakes Frosting filled in a piping bag with either Wilton tip 1m or 2D Styrofoam ball Pot Toothpicks Tissue paper Fondant/gumpaste Leaf cutter Butterfly…
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27th April 2013 0

Valentine's Cupcake Ideas

Here are some simple Valentine’s Day cupcake ideas 🙂  

4th February 2013 0

Valentine's Day Cake (Levelling, Filling, and Frosting the Cake) – Part 2

This post continues from my earlier post. Level and torte your cooled cake with a serrated knife or cake leveler . To fill the cake, pipe a thick layer of buttercream around the cake to create a dam. Then pipe in the filling and even it out with a spatula. Chill the cake in the fridge…
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28th January 2013 0

Valentine's Day Cake (Making Teddy Bears) – Part 1

With Valentine’s Day coming up I thought I would do a cake tutorial. I make fondant decorations before making the cake to allow them to dry. Teddys are cute, simple to make and can be used for a valentine’s cake or a child’s birthday cake. Here is how I make fondant teddy bears: What you…
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24th January 2013 1

How to Make Gum Paste Roses

In this post, I will show you how to make gum paste roses. I’m sure there are many methods to make roses, but this is the method that works for me. Gum paste roses could be used on a cake for many occasions, they look great, and people seem to love eating them! I have…
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11th January 2013 2