Valentine's Day Cake (Making Teddy Bears) – Part 1

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Valentine's Day Cake (Making Teddy Bears) – Part 1

24th January 2013 Cake decorating 1

With Valentine’s Day coming up I thought I would do a cake tutorial. I make fondant decorations before making the cake to allow them to dry.

Teddys are cute, simple to make and can be used for a valentine’s cake or a child’s birthday cake.

Here is how I make fondant teddy bears:

What you will need:

  • Fondant already coloured
  • Quilting wheel tool
  • Small ball tool
  • Knife
  • Water to stick fondant or edible glue ( Wilton Water Brush )
  • Spaghetti or toothpick
  • Cling-film/zip lock bag (to keep excess fondant in to stop it from drying)

I recommend getting the Wilton Fondant/ Gum Paste Tool Set. It has all the tools needed for modelling.


      1. For the body, shape fondant into a pear.Fondant Ball
      2. Next, make the legs by rolling the fondant into a log and then cutting it in the middle at a slight angle.Teady bear legs
      3. Dab with a little water to stick to body.Teady bear leg
      4. Use a knife tool/knife to make paws.Teady bear paws
      5. Use a quilting tool down the middle of the body make stitches. (Do this on the back of the body too).
        Teady bear body
      6. Make the arms in the same way as the legs. Shape them how you want them to be placed. Insert either a toothpick or spaghetti into the body to support the head.Teady bear armsTeady Bear
      7. Make an oval shape for the head. Dab bottom with water and place on top of body.Teady Bear
      8. Make two small equal sized balls for the ears. Use a small ball tool and press gently. Cut a little of the circle off. Stick onto head using water.Fondant BallsTeady Bear ears
        Teady Bear Ears
        Teady Bear Head
      9. Use quilt tool to make stitch marks down the head. Make a small ball and press down to make an oval shape. Cut a little v shape out for the nose. Stick onto head. Roll another small ball and place into v.
        Teady Bear NozzleTeady Bear Nose
      10. Use comb tool to make mouth and use a toothpick or modeling stick to make dots. Stick on the eyes.Teady Bear
      11. I did not have any black fondant at the time I started making this bear and so I used the same colour as the body for the eyes. I painted it with black icing. (It takes so much black to make black fondant I did not want to try).
        When making the other bear I used black fondant to make the mouth. I thought this looked better and changed the other bear’s mouth too. I made a heart using a cutter and placed this into the bears hands. I used a little petal dust for the bears cheeks.
        Completed Fondant Teady BearTeady Bear Couple



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