Jungle Birthday Cake

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Jungle Birthday Cake

27th October 2014 Cake decorating The Mummy Diary 1

I made this jungle cake for both of my sons’ shared birthday party. As usual it was very difficult for me to make this cake as the children did not let me work on it during the day,  I stayed up many  nights often questioning my sanity. Whyyyy on earth would I put myself through all this pressure and stress?  And I would have an answer too. It was more meaningful to me for me to make them this cake. It was something I made with love and could be proud of…..besides….I LOVEEEE baking….and secretly look forward to my time,  alone, without the children….just to bake 🙂


I will do a tutorial on each of the animals soon….



One Response

  1. Sheema Aleem says:

    It’s so tempting.
    Presentation is too good.
    Keep going ❤️❤️❤️

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