Valentine's Day Cake (Levelling, Filling, and Frosting the Cake) – Part 2

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Valentine's Day Cake (Levelling, Filling, and Frosting the Cake) – Part 2

28th January 2013 Cake decorating 0

This post continues from my earlier post.

  1. Level and torte your cooled cake with a serrated knife or cake leveler .Red Velvet CakeIMG_2929 (1024x777)
  2. To fill the cake, pipe a thick layer of buttercream around the cake to create a dam. Then pipe in the filling and even it out with a spatula.IMG_2930 (1024x683)IMG_2931 (1024x840)IMG_2935 (1024x683)
  3. Chill the cake in the fridge then frost with a thin layer of buttercream. This is just a crumb coat which will help seal the cake and prevent crumbs from appearing in the final coat of buttercream. Put the cake back in the fridge.
    IMG_2936 (1024x683)
  4. Once the icing is dry to touch, apply the final layer of  buttercream. Using a spatula and icing smoother will help make a smoother and sharper results.
    IMG_2947 (1024x743)
  5. Roll out the fondant and cover the cake. Use your  hands to smooth out any bumps and cut off excess fondant. To make the cake really smooth I like to use a fondant smoother.IMG_2948 (1024x746)
  6. I printed a scalloped heart pattern I found on the internet and used this as a template to cut around. If you have a scalloped heart cookie cutter you could use that instead. Use a small ball tool to make dents around the heart.
    IMG_2951-1024x773IMG_2954 (1024x683)
  7. Stick the heart on to the cake using a little water or edible glue and place the bears in the heart.
  8. Use royal icing to make the border on the bottom of the cake.
    IMG_2956 (1024x666)
  9. Make the top border by piping rosetts and leaves.
    IMG_2965 (1024x683)
  10. For the finishing touch glue some edible sugar pearls into the heart indents.


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